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10 Tips to help you Excel in Child Initiated Learning

The teaching jobs Leeds website brings you these 10 tips that will help you to excel as a teacher. Schools in Leeds need teachers who genuinly love, care and are sensitive and creative, whose goal is not to simply teach, but to help the child to understand. Before you can take a child forward in their educational development, it is essential for you to give time to know and understand where the child's level and ability is in the now and with creative wisdom help to develop the child's unique potential. Remember, you can only develop what you understand and you cannot train what you haven't discovered!

1. Seek to understand before you seek to be understood

As you teach in Leeds, remember it is far more important for you first to understand the children under your 'teaching care' than it is for you to seek to be understood. Every teacher in Leeds must diligently observe to know the child, in order to shape the child in their unique gifting, ability and character.

2. Listen to the 'voice' behind the words

Every effective teacher in primary schools in Leeds must learn how to listen to the little signs and signals that spontaneously flow from the life of a child. A good teacher will listen to the cry or voice behind the words. A child's cry 'I hate you' may be the result of pressure or inner frustration or conflict at home. The child may be saying in effect, what I need now is a little tender care, love and attention.

3. Draw out, don't push

As you teach in Leeds, in your role as a teacher remember, in order to get the best from a child it's better to 'draw out' than to 'pressure' and 'push'. A military general training an up and coming officer placed a piece of string on the table. Training him on how to get the best from his men, he pushed the string which went into a clumsy bundle on the table. He then pulled gently on the string - which became straight again. Do it this way he smiled, and your results will exceed your expectation.

4. Warm atmosphere, productive growth

We at Teaching Jobs Leeds understand the importance of creating the right atmosphere. Warmth - I mean genuine warmth, will have similar results to the story of the sun and wind who tried to get the old man to remove his hat and coat. A little sunshine - coming from a heart of genuine concern, will get a far better response than cajoling, raised voice and inner frustration. Remember, you can't hide with your words what you feel in your heart. If it's inside you, the child will 'hear it' in your voice.

5. Observation will give you wisdom

Listen carefully to the language and words the child is voicing - processing mentally their choice of words will help you to introduce new words into their vocabulary. Teaching in Leeds will then be more than just a job, it will fill your life with deep satisfaction.

6. The more you have, the more you can do

As you teach in the primary school in Leeds, make sure you constantly review the resources available to the child. Remember, the more resources you have, the more you can do with what you have.

7. Shy doesn't mean backward

The next teaching jobs Leeds tip is to watch out for the shy child. Play alongside the child. Draw them out. A good teacher is not only a good listener but also patient, kind and resourceful.

8. Freedom to grow - no fear

Teaching effectively in Leeds will mean giving the child the freedom to experiment, to express ideas and to make judgements. A good teacher will create a 'safe atmosphere' - eliminate fear and inspire a creative response.

9. You can only communicate effectively your own convictions

Believe in yourself. In Leeds, as a primary teacher, unless you believe in yourself no one else will. Learn as a teacher to be confident in what you believe. Be wise enough to listen, to learn and to make the adjustments that are necessary for you to become the most treasured, honoured and loved primary teacher in Leeds!

10. Loved forever in teaching jobs Leeds

A teacher in Leeds who adds value to a child's life will be remembered long after the teaching career is over. Enjoy the moment, excel at what you do and both you and the child will be glad that you gave your life and energy to be the best teacher you can be. Teaching is more than the information you give - it flows out from you - you can only give what you yourself have become. We at teaching jobs leeds know that both you and your children will benefit from child initiated learning.

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